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Agronomika Finance Corporation is an innovative finance company dedicated to deliver fair and transparent financial products and services to farmers and value chain operators in the Philippines. We design our products based on local conditions and requirements. We link our clients to relevant farm service providers to access the latest agri-technology and know-how as well as guaranteed markets.

Our vision is to enable inclusive growth in the agriculture sector and promote rural development in the Philippines. We aim to become the leading agricultural finance provider for small- and medium-sized farmers as well as value chain operators.

Agronomika Finance Corporation is a registered finance company under the Financing Company Act of 1998 by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Republic of the Philippines, Department of Finance.


We offer agri-production and agri-value chain loans across Mindanao. Our cacao lending program for example includes:

 Start-up loan for new cacao farms

Start-up loan for new cacao farms

Cacao Farm Establishment loan

This product is for farmers who want to start a cacao farm and need initial start-up funding. We offer a six-year loan product which covers the most critical farm requirements for the first two years including farm inputs and services as well as access to the Kennemer cacao protocol and close guidance through trained cacao technicians. Repayment of the loan starts two years after planting.


  • Willing to become a cacao grower with Kennemer Foods International, Inc.
  • Between 25-60 years old
  • Between 2-20 ha of land with original land title
  • Able to provide equity in form of labor to manage farm


You are interested in the Cacao Farm Establishment Loan? Apply here.

 Productivity loans for existing cacao farmers

Productivity loans for existing cacao farmers

CACAO Productivity LOAN

This product is for farmers and consolidators with existing cacao farms who require financing for inputs and services to maintain their farms. Our working capital loan covers critical inputs and services for up to one year for trees in their productive stage. The loan is repaid along with the harvest cycle of cacao beans.





You are interested in the Cacao Productivity Loan? Apply here.

Are you interested to loan for other crops and agri-related businesses or are you a value chain operator who is looking for a reliable financing partners for its farmers: please contact us for more information.


We are hiring! Agronomika is looking for enthusiastic, dedicated and entrepreneurial professionals with relevant banking and/or agribusiness experiences to head the operations management team as:

(1) Operations Manager - Agri Finance: Manage all agri finance related operations within Agronomika; initiate new partnerships with agribusinesses and value chain operators. Required experience: Banking operations, agri-lending or managing agribusiness operations.

(2) Operations Manager - Micro and Small Business Finance: Start Agronomika's micro- and small business-finance unit; launch new products and start new branches across Mindanao; manage the complete branch network. Required experience: branch or area manager with focus on microfinance and/or small business lending.

Both positions require frequent traveling across Mindanao. Bisaya speaking is a must.

Please send your cover letter and updated CV to info@agronomikafinance.com.


Press Release April 10th, 2017: In a unique partnership, Agri-finance company Agronomika Finance Corporation and agri-business company Kennemer Foods International Inc. (both Kennemer entities), FMO, the Dutch development bank (FMO) and IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) have announced a Philippine peso loan in the equivalent of USD 2 million. Read more....



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