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Agricultural Finance at its best.

Agronomika Finance Corporation is an innovative finance company committed to deliver fair and transparent financial products and services to farmers and rural entrepreneurs in agri and non-agri value chains. We design our products based on local conditions and requirements of our clients.

Our vision is to become Philippines' number one finance company dedicated to agriculture production and rural enterprise financing. By this we aim to contribute to inclusive growth in the agriculture sector and promote rural development. 

Agronomika Finance Corporation is a registered finacne company under the Financing Company Act of 1998 by the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Republic of the Philippines, Department of Finance.



We customize our loan products to the needs of our clients and partners. Our offers range from providing financing for short- to mid- and long-term agriculture production to different product types for small businesses and enterprises as well as for asset loans.

Product Examples:

Integrated Farm-Financing with Kennemer Foods International:

Through our partnership with Kennemer Foods International, Inc, we offer short and long-term loans combined with access to Kennemer's growership program which includes access to quality inputs, technology & training as well as buying and post-harvest facilities.

Start-up loan for new farms

Start-up loan for new farms

Farm Establishment loan

We provide loans for farmers who are interested to plant a combination of cacao, abaca and/or cardaba trees. our six-year Farm Establishment Loan covers critical farm requirements during the first 2 years including farm inputs and services as well as access to Kennemer's growership program. Repayment of the principal loan amount starts 2 years after planting or with the first harvest (whichever is earlier).


  • Willing to become a cacao grower with Kennemer Foods International, Inc.
  • Between 25-60 years old
  • Between 1-20 ha of land with original land title
  • Proof of landownership for land to be planted


You are interested in the Farm Establishment Loan? Apply here.

Productivity loans for existing  farmers with productive trees

Productivity loans for existing  farmers with productive trees

FARM Productivity LOAN

This product aims at farmers and consolidators with existing cacao, abaca and/or cardaba farms who are selling their produce to Kennemer. The loan covers inputs and services for up to one year for trees in their productive stage. The loan is repaid with the harvest cycle of the produce.





You are interested in the Farm Productivity Loan? Apply here.

Are you interested to loan for other crops and agri-related businesses or are you a value chain operator who is looking for a reliable financing partners for its farmers: please contact us for more information.


With our headoffice in Davao City, our operations team is based across Mindanao. From here we cover 4 regions and 12 provinces.

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We are hiring!

Agronomika is looking for enthusiastic, dedicated and entrepreneurial professionals with relevant banking and/or agribusiness experiences to work with us as:

Account Officer - Agri Projects: Join Agronomika and be responsible for the successful implementation of larger agri projects including credit assessment, disbursements, compliance with farm protocol, monitoring and evaluation, documentation, repayment & collection. This officer is part of the Credit Department and coordinates frequently with Operations team and our strategic agri partners in the project implementation. We are looking for someone with agri business and/or finance/accounting background who is motivated and pro-active. see more

Please send your cover letter and updated CV to info@agronomikafinance.com.


Press Release April 10th, 2017:

In a unique partnership, Agri-finance company Agronomika Finance Corporation and agri-business company Kennemer Foods International Inc. (both Kennemer entities), FMO, the Dutch development bank (FMO) and IDH, the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) have announced a Philippine peso loan in the equivalent of USD 2 million. Read more....



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